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Coming August 7 & 8th Renaissance Hotel Chicago




FAQ: When you should arrive and leave? Answer: Since the program begins early Thursday Morning 8/7, most attendees typically arrive late Wednesday, the night before. With the final session ending at appx. 6 pm on Friday, 8/8, most attendees in the past typcially leave early Saturday morning, or late Friday. HAVE QUESTIONS? CONTACT US HERE



8:45 AM - Never Giving Up - Special Opening Address From KISW/Seattle's BJ Shea

9:15 AM - What 347,325 People Made Perfectly Clear About Radio - Moderators Fred Jacobs & Lori Lewis review 10 years of their popular tech studies and reveal their top takeaways of what over 300,000 respondents made most clear to them about their radio experience and platform usage.

10:15 AM - Turning Everyday Life Into Great Content - Consultant Tracy Johnson says the content of legends is inspired by life experiences. But many shows misunderstand the concept of using your personal life as content. This session will show you how to filter topics and harvest personal experiences to use on air.

11:00 AM - Getting Endorsements - What Media Buyers Look For When Choosing The Right Spokespersons - Erica Farber leads a panel of top media buyers in sharing what they look for most when choosing talent to pitch their products, plus, feedback from their clients on which personalities perform best and why.

1:00 PM - Looking Your Best On-Camera - Former ET co-host, turned radio host, Bob Goen leads an all-star panel of radio hosts who've mastered the move from being in front of a mic to in front of a camera. From YouTube videos to random TV appearances that boost your brand value, plus lend themselves to more invites to appear.

2:00 PM - WOMEN'S FORUM: - It's not a website, it's a goal - Agent Heather Cohen leads a panel of both women and men on the subject of making radio marriages work. You'll hear match-ups that didn't work and why. Plus, learn how some shows were able to get past problem starts.

3:00 PM - PRODUCERS FORUM: Game of Groans - Only the strong survive - Today's producers wear more hats than ever. Contest and promotion rules are more rigid and making the most with a limited budget is now more important than ever. Learn from a panel of top producers how they're making the most of the situation. Sponsored by 9 Ball Radio Networks

4:00 PM - Radio Has Talent (Battle of The Bits) - Benchmark session at MSBC where shows compete for great prizes with great ideas.


FRIDAY 8.8.14

9:00 AM - What I Would Do If I Were You - A power-packed panel of top managers and programmers share their thoughts and insights of radio in the next five years and what every talent or programmer needs to be doing now to prepare; Local vs. syndication - Types of talent they're keeping an eye out for most - how compensation structures may change in the coming years - the next hottest format and much more.

10:15 AM - New Tax Ruling That Anyone Who Earns Talent Fees Needs To Know - Due to a recent U. S. Tax Court case decision, in which Ken Davis, CPA participated, on-air radio talent can now deduct business expenses, related to earning those talent fees, in a more advantageous and tax saving manner. Learn why and how you can explain this proper treatment to your personal tax preparer.

11:00 AM - Secrets of Great Storytelling & Interviews - Valerie Geller shares the real secrets behind some of media's most powerful storytellers and Interviewers; plus, radio's worst mistakes when interviewing guests.

United Stations Luncheon With Special Entertainment BY STEVE BYRNE

1:00 PM - Coaching To Win - With Dennis Clark - Beyond serving as Ryan Seacrest head producer for several years, featured speaker at events throughout the world, Dennis Clark, who now heads CCM&E Talent department, is recognized as one of the top talent coaches in media. For any programmer faced with developing shows, or any talent striving to be their best, here's a session you can't afford to miss.

2:00 PM IMPROV CLASS - (1 hour) Learn the secrets to improvisational comedy from the same group that brought you some of Saturday Night Live's top stars. Be prepared to let yourself go in ways you never thought possible. More importantly, learn ways of taking your show to unprecedented heights through improvisation.

3:00 PM - Finding Funny - With Special Guest Phil Hendrie - He's joined in conversation with Turi Ryder about using your wits, creativity, and humor in every medium. He'll be arriving from his LIVE performance on July 30th at "The Improv" in LA in his latest one man show

4:30 PM THE KIDD KRADDICK AWARD: Our first-ever award presented in honor of radio's legendary Kidd Kraddick who passed away unexpectedly last July. More details to come.

* Speakers, sessions subject to change without notice.