website metrics Morning Show Boot Camp 2016



• TURNING LISTENERS INTO 'SUPER FANS' - Presented by Carolyn Gilbert & Leigh Jacobs - NuVoodoo

TWO-PART SUPER SET ON 'THE ABC'S OF PODCASTING - With Ampifi's Steve Goldstein & Jacobs Media's Seth Resler

• THE NEW ERA OF SYNDICATION - Panel Discussion the changing landscape of syndication - Moderated by Jon Zellner

• BATTLE OF THE BITS - Top Shows Compete With Their Best Ideas & Bits For Top Prizes - Sponsored by Wise Brother Media

• WOMEN'S FORUM - Sponsored by United Stations - 'Air Blazer Award Presentation

• PRODUCER'S FORUM - Moderated By Tommy Sablan Sponsored by 9-Ball Media

• MASTERS OF THE MORNING - Led by Dennis Clark - Talent Stategist And VP/Talent Development For iHeart; special guest iHeart's John Ivey and Others TBA - Sponsored by Premiere Networks

WHAT NOW? SPECIAL PANEL OF MEDIA VISIONARIES Led by Cumulus' Mike McVAy, Daniel Andstandig, Steve Goldstein & Fred Jacobs

• IMAGING TECHNIQUES - Special Presentation from The Mix Group & Reelword - Sponsored by The Mix Group & ReelWorld

• WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? - Special panel on the growing use of video on the radio

• KIDD KRADDICK AWARD - More details to be announced


• Sessions/speakers subject to change