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If more than 10 registrations are needed, please contact Don Anthony at 770-737-2700. For Registration Cost, See Payment Amount BELOW.



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When mailing payment, make checks payable to Morning Show Boot Camp 2019 and mail to:

Morning Show Boot Camp - 147 Creekside Dr. Jasper, GA 30143

NOTICE: Due to the exclusive nature of MSBC, registration is non-refundable. However, if written notice is given

more than 30 days prior to conference, credit will be given towards registration for the next scheduled MSBC




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If you experience any problems submitting this form, call 770-737-2700. You may also print out this form and fax it to 770-737-2701




Frequently Asked Questions:

When do most people arrive?

Most people arrive on Wednesday, 8/17, the day before the official start of MSBC 34. On Wednesday night there's also a special 'Welcome Back To Chicago Party' at the Hubbard Radio Studios a short walk from the Swissotel. Attendance will be limited, so stay tuned on how to attend

When does registration open?

Typically, for those arriving on Wednesday our registration office will be open from 4:00 - 6:00 pm downstairs in the Zurich Ballroom foyer area*.

Registration will reopen on Thursday at 7:00 am and close at 5:00pm. And on Friday from 7:00 to noon.

What time do the sessions begin and end on Thursday 8/18 and Friday 8/19?

Typically, the first session each day will begin at 8:30-8:45 am. Other sessions will follow until 5:00 pm *

Should I leave on Friday or Saturday?

There will be plenty of great sessions on Friday afternoon and it will definitely be worth staying for the night. If, however, you need to leave on Friday night, we'd recommend you book a flight as late as possible.

For other questions, please don't hesitate to call 770-737-2700

** Sessions/speakers subject to change










Come 'Face-To-Face' With Hundreds of Radio's Hottest Stars, Producers, Programmers, Executives And Top Suppliers! Here's An Peek At This Year's Upcoming Attractions:* **



8:30a –– AQ4 Air Talent Survey 2022 - Presented by Fred Jacobs and Jacobs Media in association with Morning Show Boot Camp

9:30a –– SOCIAL MEDIA MASTER CLASS - THE NEW RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - Scheduled guests: Chris Cruise Miguel & Holly, E White, Crystal Rosas & Ashlee Young - Moderated by Besa Gordon** - SPONSORED BY COMREX

10:30a –– TAKING YOUR SHOW FROM THE SPEAKER TO THE SCREEN - How the newest video techiques and platforms can expand your brand and enhance your ratings and more - Scheduled Guests: Carla Marie & Anthony, Nick Steele, Kyle King & Kevin Rolston - Moderated by Shawn Tempesta ** - SPONSORED BY TEXT GROOVE

11:30a –– DIVERSITY: RADIO'S WIDENING PATH TO SUCCESS –– With scheduled guests: Frank Ski, Dana Cortez, Kenny Smoov, Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo and Tino Cochino - Moderated by DeDe McGuire** SPONSORED BY COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS

12:30p –– PRESENTATION OF ''MIW/MSBC AIRBLAZER AWARD - Presented by DeDe McGuire to Patty Steele**

1:00p –– WOMENS FORUM: RISING TO THE TOP - Scheduled guests: Falen, LauRen, Nina Hijian, Evenlyn Erives, ACThe PLUG - Moderated by Corey Dylan**

2:00p –- PRODUCERS FORUM: THE RIGHT STEPS IN PRODUCING GREAT PRODUCERS - Scheduled guests: Chris Martinez, Mercedes Martinez & Steph Sidela, Eric Rowe, Dave Ryan & Jennifer Luttenberger - Moderate by Danny Vigil** SPONSORED BY THE COMPLETE SHEET

3:00p –– MASTERS OF THE MORNING 8! Led by iHeart's Talent Chief Dennis Clark. - Scheduled guests: Angela Yee, Thea Mitchem, Mojo, Tony Travatto, Enrique Santos OTA***- SPONSORED BY PREMIERE NETWORKS

4:00p –– GENIUS NEW WAYS OF SELF-PROMOTION - Scheduled guests: R Dub!, Chet Buchanan, Kristin Klingshirn, Mike Marino and Paige Nienaber - Moderated by Tracy Johnson** - - SPONSORED BY BENZTOWN

5:00p –– BATTLE OF THE BITS 34 - Scheduled Judges: Nick Adams, Special K, Steve Kramer & Audrey Drake - Led by Paul Castronovo** SPONSORED BY ADLARGE

6:00p –– FIRST ANNUAL MIX 'HAPPY HOUR' immediately following Battle of the Bits** SPONSORED BY THE MIX GROUP



9:00a –– THE URGENCY OF BRANDING - An exclusive presentation by Coleman Insights Sam MIlkman and Jay Nachlis - SPONSORED BY COLEMAN INSIGHTS

10:00a –– AN ALL-NEW RADIO ROUNDTABLE: 'THRIVING IN AN AGE OF CHANGE'- Scheduled guests Tim Clarke, Heather Cohen, Chris Egan, Paul Kaye & Jon Zellner - Moderated by Mike McVay - SPONSORED BY SKYVIEW NETWORKS

11:00a –– INNOVATION: THE MOTHER OF ALL OPPORTUNITY - With Scheduled Guests: Conal Byrne, Susan Larkin, Josh 'Bru' Brubaker, Bert Weiss, Darnella Dunham discuss how the changing media landscape is opening doors to more innovation and creativity - Moderated by Paul Anderson - SPONSORED BY THE MIX GROUP




1:00P –– MANAGING CONTENT IN AN EVER EXPANDING MULTIVERSE - It’s never been more challenging to keep your show fresh. Between the endless sources of news and information your audience consumes, and the ever-growing list of digital and social platforms on which you need to publish content to keep your brand relevant — hey, it’s a LOT! This session is a must-attend for those who want to learn how to improve your show prep processes, make social and blog posts a joy instead of a chore, and keep your brand front and center with your audience 24/7. With Scheduled Guests: Rico, JJ Kincaid, Mike Rowe and Brooke Summers, Moderated by Charlie Maxx - SPONSORED BY FUTURI **

2:00p –– THE SYNDICATION CONUNDRUM - Scheduled guests Woody Fife, Dave Farra, Jason Mahoney, Joey Boy, Karla Hernandez, Headkrack - Moderated by Cat Thomas - SPONSORED BY COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS

3:00p –– CREATING THE ULTIMATE HOME STUDIO - Presented by Seth Resler of Jacobs Media

4:00p –– TALENT TO WATCH 2022 - Ana Castillejos, Jess Dutra, Sam Given, Eliott King, Ricki Sanchez, McCall Taylor - Moderated by Charese Fruge - SPONSORED BY MC MEDIA

* Sessions/speakers subject to change


** As always, the health and safety of our guests and staff remains a top priorty. With regard to Covid and associated variants, we're in continual contact with representatives of the Swissotel Chicago for the latest local and state requirements.

According to, Chicago has lifted its indoor mask requirement as of Feb. 28, 2022. Masks are still required in certain public locations, such as public transit and airports. As of Feb. 28th, 2022, Chicago lifted its proof of vaccination requirement. Individual businesses and events may still require proof of vaccination for entry. Chicago restaurants and bars are currently open for indoor dining, outdoor dining, delivery, and takeout with no restrictions on capacity or table size. While there are no citywide mask or vaccine requirements, individual businesses may still require masks or proof of vaccination.

Gatherings: There are currently no limits on social gatherings or events.